Fancy a meaty treat? This week, Roddy Damalis recommends a dish that will leave you drooling with every bite featuring tasty goat meat drenched in trahana and yogurt. 





2kg goat (shoulder cut into cubes with excess fat trimmed)


Cracked black pepper (to taste, though should be quite peppery)



200g Trahana (sundried cracked wheat and yoghurt)

1litre water

8 bay leaves

2 chicken stock cubes

500ml white wine


Mixture to be added to goat when cooked

2 cups yoghurt

2 teaspoons cornflour

200ml water





-Place the trahana, water, bay leaves, chicken stock and wine into a pot and boil on medium heat for approximately 20 minutes or until the Trahana patties have loosened.


-Coat goat with salt and pepper. Brown under pre-heated grill for 20 minutes at 240ºC.


-Place the meat into a deep oven dish, pour sauce over, cover and bake at 200ºC for 2 hours (check if it needs more water after 1½ hours).


-When the goat meat is ‘fall off the bone’ tender, remove from oven.


-Mix the yogurt, water and cornflour in a bowl. Combine and pour over the goat.


-Mix gently, making sure that the goat pieces do not break. Serve immediately.