Slathered in butter, drizzled in syrup, with a side of whipped cream or ice cream, nothing beats a massive stack of pancakes to kick off a lazy weekend morning!  As autumn well and truly sets in, the My Cyprus Insider team scoured the island to discover some of the best places to satiate the palate as knife and fork hit the plate!


1. Bizzy Bee, Nicosia

A relatively recent addition in the Nicosia culinary scene, Bizzy Bee has all your breakfast needs covered. Be it a French toast, scrambled eggs, burgers, salads or a healthy yoghurt with fruit, Bizzy Bee has been dishing out sumptious plates to hungry customers weekend in and weekend out. But the regulars know that if you want the real Bizzy Bee experience, you always go for the pancakes!



Drive your dietician to despair and indulge in the Buenito pancake; slathered in Bueno chocolate and topped with crunched Oreo biscuit. Then there’s the Apple Explosion- served with caramelised apples, cinnamon and hazelnuts. Want a healthier option? You can always try the granola and matcha pancakes!

Where? 16 Simou Menandrou St, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 96-599799


2. The Cookhouse, Limassol

The Cookhouse has breakfast and brunch lovers in Limassol and beyond talking great praise! With an open-plan kitchen, attention to detail, and the slogan “we love to cook for people who love to eat”, we just can’t resist the Cookhouse experience. And it’s hardly surprising that the world-famous blueberry pancake has a place of honour on the Cookhouse menu.



Take note that the chefs here pride themselves on serving the fluffiest ones around, along with the obligatory mascarpone, and heaps of blueberries on top! We also love their zesty pancakes for that ultimate bittersweet indulgence.

Where? 112 Gladstones St, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 25-353434


3. Edem’s Yard, Larnaca

Situated in the old city of Larnaca, Edem’s Yard may be a small place but what it lacks in space, it more than makes up for in soul, style…and taste! All the dishes are delicious and beautifully presented, but the pancakes take the brunch or breakfast experience to a whole new level! And what’s great is that this place offers different pancake options, with every combination imaginable.



Try the “Italove”; a ricotta filled pancake with honeycomb butter, or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, feast your eyes upon the monster that is “The M&M”: a stash of pancakes slathered in Nutella chocolate, with crushed and whole M&M’s, peanut butter flavoured ice cream, peanut butter and whipped cream.

Where? 37 Evanthias Pieridou St, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 99-842980


4. Omikron Brunch, Paphos

Situated in the heart of Paphos in a beautifully renovated old house, Omikron Brunch is just the kind of place to enjoy a hearty indulgence come weekend, with a homey vibe, friendly staff and a large variety of breakfast options to choose from! And yes, Omikron offers a variety of pancake options.



Love chocolate? Then go for the Nutella Obsession; a tower of pancakes covered in Nutella chocolate, biscuit crumble and accompanied by strawberries, bananas and blueberries.  Have a soft spot for apple pie?  You’ll want to devour the Apple pie pancakes with apple pie filling, vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon.  The more health-conscious among you can go for the Healthy One; pancakes with yoghurt, apple fruit, cinnamon and honey!

Where? 25 March St, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-955965