From village ‘safaris’ to the first ever beer and vine country festival, August in rural hot spots is set to be action packed! Just follow our lead and pick the event that most appeals to you over the summer holiday season.


1. 1st Beer and Vine Country Festival, Kakopetria

Nothing beats a summer excursion up to the island’s highest heights, and come August, the mountain village of Kakopetria lures holidaymakers from near and far who wish to cool off in the great outdoors.



This August, nature-loving crowds have all the more reason to include the picturesque village in their holiday itinerary, hosting a ‘Beer and Vine Country Festival’ for the very first time. Set to take place in the village primary school yard, there will be plenty of beer, wine and food on offer, with 15 stalls in total. The festival will also include an upbeat musical performance by Greek singer, Christos Menidiatis.

Where and when? Kakopetria Primary School. August 14th. 5pm -12 midnight. Entrance: €7 with drink, €3 under 12


2. Village safari, Treis Elies

Another village at higher altitudes, the gorgeous Treis Elies beckons holidaymakers to the Marathassa valley, and rises 700 metres above sea level. Officially in the Limassol district, this tiny village dates back to medieval times, and was one part of the royal estates during the Frankish period.



If you fancy a journey back in time as you traverse the beautiful countryside, then the upcoming ‘village safari’ should be right up your street. Just head up to the village on August 14, and you can take part in a mini exploring workshop, as you take in the village houses, sites and countryside that cocoons the village. Take note of the village churches and be sure to walk to the Venetian bridges of Mylos and Agios Andronikos. At the end of the upcoming workshop, guests will be invited to create a small dance ‘collage’ based on the experience. Check out the facebook event page here.

Where and when? Treis Elies, Limassol district. August 14th. 5pm-7.30pm. Free. Suitable for adults and children over the age of 7pm.


3. Fig & Halidji Festival, Kato Tylliria

If you’d really like to take a great road trip this holiday season, then head all the way to Kato Pyrgos; one of the most gorgeous parts of the island where rugged mountains drop down to the deep blue of the sea. And this August, for the second year in a row, you can enjoy a rather quirky event featuring delicious figs.



You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of halidji before- it’s a type of soft white cheese made exclusively in the area in the summer months from local goats or sheep’s milk (or a mix of these.) With all the action set to take place in the main village square of Kato Pyros, apart from foodie delights, they’ll also be live music and traditional dances to enjoy.


Where and when?  Kato Pyrgos, Tylliria. August 16 – 17


4. Lefkara Village Festival

One of Cyprus’ most beautiful villages, well known for its intricate late and brilliant silverware, the area is set to shine in mid-August as the cobbled lanes of the historic place host a summer festival to last over a week.



Set up base in the village for a few days and enjoy exhibitions, book presentations, street food, music, dancing and song. The highlight of all the festivities is set to be a retro festival taking audiences back to the 80s and 90s, with old Greek hits by Giorgos Lempesis, Imiskoumbria, Thanos Kalliris, Stella Georgiadou and more. The concert will be livening things up on August 12th at 9pm.


Where and when? Lefkara village, Larnaca district. Find out more here.