When the wind really picks up, most people usually shy away from the beach, but for some, this is the ideal time to zip up the wetsuit, pick up the kite, board, and harness, and head out to sea to catch the big waves!

My Cyprus Insider has located some great spots where you can enjoy kitesurfing, or simply head to watch newcomers testing out their skills and experts tearing the waves with impressive skills, doing backflips and acrobatics worthy of an extended GoPro video promo!


1. Limassol Surfhouse


The Limassol district is home to some great kitesurfing spots, with ideal weather conditions for the sport. Head to the Limassol Surf House and you can also rent out surfing equipment, windsurfing, and Stand – Up Paddleboarding equipment. There are also boat tours to enjoy, a variety of water sports and various outdoor activities. Instructors are on hand to help you put your skills to the test!



Where? Located at the Limassol Nautical Club. Open daily 10am- 7pm. Tel: (+357) 99 536248


2. Kahuna Surfhouse


Located on one of the best beach kitesurfing beaches on the island, Softades beach, Kahuna Surfhouse is a great place to get your extreme water sports fix, with some of the regulars calling the weather conditions here “ideal for the sport”. Not just a kitesurfing school, you can also enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding, while the passionate Kahuna owners also regularly host kitesurfing related events. This July 7-8,  they’ll be hosting the ‘King of Kite’ Cyprus kitesurfing championships – prepare for a wild two-day party on the beach with expert kitesurfers showing off their talent.



Where? Softades beach, Larnaca. Open daily from 11am -7pm. Tel: (+ 357) 99 543811/ 99 666708


3. Kiteboarding Cyprus


Offering lessons on Paramali beach, between Limassol and Paphos, this is a great place to head to on the west of the island! Kiteboarding Cyprus is an establishment run by avid professionals who are passionate about spreading their love for the sport and teaching more people how to have fun in the waves! Kiteboarding Cyprus teaches all levels of kitesurfing, from beginner to expert, and they can accommodate Russian speakers too. They also have equipment available for surfing in general.



Where? Paramali, Limassol district. Tel: (+357) 96 210066