A group of young creative talents from Athienou, going by the name of Katsela Project, alongside French street artist, Zabou, have slowly transformed the Larnaca district village into a real site to see, with vibrant street art now adorning some of the area’s old buildings located in prime spots around the village.



The Katsela Project collective first formed in 2015.  Passionate about art and their village, the group felt that there wasn’t enough creativity and artistic inspiration around Athienou. Slowly but surely, they have attracted the gaze of more people than they could have ever imaged, as the French artist Zabou was invited to draw inspiration from the village and create something that would breathe new life into the area.



With locals around the island now heading to the village to catch a glimpse of the vibrant works, one abandoned old building is adorned with an image of a village lady warming embracing her child, while others are more abstract in their nature.



Where? Athienou village centre, Larnaca district.