It’s one of Cyprus’ hardest lakes to find, but it’s probably one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have once you reach the water’s edge right in the heart of the Troodos forest!

Not for the faint-hearted, the road to get to one of Cyprus’ most stunning lakes – going by the name of ‘Loumata ton Aeton’ (or more commonly ‘Amiandos lake’) – is a slightly tricky one. Starting off from the main Kato Amiandos – Karvounas village road, the linear 2.5 km trail follows a relatively gentle uphill course beside the ‘Loumada’ river, and when you’re starting off on your walk, you can take in beautiful views of Kyperounta village and the Amiandos mine, where restoration works are evident.


Photo: Cyprus from Air 

Expect sudden changes in the morphology and a climb that takes you through untouched forest land and you’ll also spot a hideout used for the 1955-59 liberation struggle. Be sure to wear warm winter clothing and sturdy comfortable walking shoes to really make the most of the experience as you put your best foot forward!

About Amiandos Mine: With Cyprus standing as one of the most ancient sources of Amiandos, the Amiandos mine was operating for 84 years. The mine closed and was abandoned in 1988 with restoration works now taking place in the area.

Where? Kato Amiandos Village, Trodoos district.