This week, Chef Nikolas Constantinou adds a local twist to the classic roast beef recipe, making the most of the thyme that grows on our island, as well the beloved sweet Cyprus wine produced in the country for centuries, Commandaria!





5 kg beef

A sprig of fresh thyme

1 garlic clove

5 tbsp English mustard

2 carrots

1 celeriac (celery root)

4 onions

100 ml brandy

250 ml Commandaria

100 gr butter

1 piece of string

Salt, pepper




Cut the carrots, onions and celeriac in slices and place in a baking pan.


Top with the brandy and Commandaria.


Cover the meat with mustard and season with salt and pepper according to taste.


Using a sharp knife, pierce the meat and fill with garlic.


Tie the meat with string and roast at 150°C for 3 hours.


Pour some meat broth over the meat every 30 minutes.


If you see the meat drying up, you can also pour a little water over the top. Serve with vegetables.