We all know how delicious stuffed vine leaves can be, but Roddy Damalis is intent on dishing them up with a twist; replacing meat with salmon. And yes, they are absolutely divine!





Vine leaf filling

1kg Salmon fillet (finely chopped)

4 spring onions (finely sliced)

1 cup fresh dill (finely shaved)

½ cup Basmati rice


Fine black pepper

200g vine leaves

(spinach leaves if no vine leaves

are available)



½ cup olive oil

½ cup lemon juice

3 cups water

½ teaspoon cornflour

 salmon inside



-Mix all filling ingredients in a bowl.


-Place a vine leaf flat on a work surface.


-Place a heaped teaspoon of the filling on the bottom half. Fold bottom end of leaf over the filling, then the two sides, and roll until sealed.


-Place your dolmades into a deep oven dish, tightly packed so they don’t unravel.


-Mix the sauce ingredients together, pour over dolmades and seal container.


-Bake for 1¼ hours in a pre-heated oven at 180ºC.


Chef’s tip!

Vine leaves can be found in many forms: frozen, pickled in brine, freeze dried, vacuum packed (or of course, fresh off the vine! In this case, soak the leaves in salt water and then rinse before use. Blanch any remaining leaves and freeze for future use). Can be served hot or cold. 

Images and recipes can also be found in the book, My Little Plates.