Forget run-of-the-mill big chain bakeries when it comes to satiating those taste buds with cheesy goodness, and make a beeline for smaller places that pour endless love and care into every layer of divine buttery pastry! The My Cyprus Insider team followed its nose to locate some of the very best cheese pies around the island…and we’re left wanting more.



1. Hurricane Tea Room, Nicosia

At a first glance, Hurricane may appear a little unassuming to some. But most, are highly intrigued by its olde worlde charm. After all, this small shop at the end of the busy Ledra Street in the Old Nicosia hub has been welcoming hungry city folk day in and day out for the past 76 years. Serving melt-in-your-mouth pastries that have made a name for themselves in the capital and beyond, their cheese pies are to die for, but be sure to ask for one warm for an indulgence to remember. According to the owners, the secret comes down to tradition; Hurricane is the place for a proper Cypriot cheese-pie made with a secret mix of cheeses and no mint, unlike the ones available with a Greek twist.



What’s more, Hurricane is more than a bakery; it’s one of the last old-fashioned tea rooms/coffee shops in the capital and a key reference point, with its walls covered in photos of local celebrities and politicians, all flocking for a piece of its famous cheese-pie! Down a swig of Cypriot coffee as you bite into this delicious treat for a heavenly morning (or afternoon!) indulgence that you won’t easily forget.

Where? 7 Nikokleous St. Tel: (+357) 22-663284



2. La Patisserie Panayiotis, Nicosia

Speaking of establishments in Nicosia that have gone down in history, one needs to look no further than the Papaphilippou family. While Papaphilippou is chiefly known for its great ice-creams, any clued up Nicosian will also let on that they also make extremely popular cheese-pies!



La Patisserie Panayiotis, the first of the many Papaphillipou stores, still bakes its trademark cheese-pie, the same way it did in 1965 when it first went into business. Described by the owners as an authentic “Athenian-style” cheese-pie, with no halloumi cheese in the mix, it’s a secret recipe that is “unlike” what you’ll find “anywhere else”!

Where? 1C Stasinou str, Engomi, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22-356020


3. Lazaris Bakery Bar, Larnaca

Wandering through the winding streets of old town Larnaca? This trendy little place is located right in the centre of the seaside town, next to the well-known St Lazarus church. Take a seat at this modern version of a traditional ‘kafenio’ (old-fashioned coffee shop) and give those taste buds a party with traditional treats and bites.



Lazaris bakes its cheese-pies using puff pastry and a mix of cheese (including the local anari cheese and the world-famous feta cheese) along with a secret blend of spices to give it a real twist! It should be noted that Lazaris doesn’t bake cheese-pies every day, although you’ll be sure to find them come weekends!  With local residents often heading here for a piece of the pie and a swig of morning coffee, Lazaris “prepared from the heart” motto has certainly worked a treat with Larnaca residents.

Where? 37-39 Ayiou Lazarou, Larnaca. Tel: (+357) 24-655700


4. Galette Artisan Bakery, Limassol 

Another Limassol gem, Galette Artisan Bakery is known for its dedication to quality and the care its employees put into its baked goods. Located near the busy marina area, this artisan bakery is mostly known for its unique approach to traditional recipes and its insistence on providing new, innovative combinations for its clients. While new and is exciting, Galette doesn’t turn its back on tradition and also provides its dedcaited customers with delicious cheese-pies in traditional Cypriot fashion with a real Galette twist!



Where? 33 Spyros Araouzos St, Limassol. Tel: (+357) 25 100815


5. Artognosia, Paphos

With a name that literally translates to “knowing the art of baking”, this cool and slick place has recently earned a reputation for baking moreish sweet and savoury pastries for Paphos residents.  Modelled as a small European bakery,  Artognosia is well known for its baked goods, with cheese pies taking centre stage. Artognosia rolls its own pastry, using a secret recipe that includes olive oil, with the filling boasting a mix of cheeses including feta and a curd-based cheese known as “mizithra”.



The owners take pride in using the best ingredients, and they make it known that they import their cheese from a dairy producer in Crete. There are three varieties of cheese pies on offer in total including a traditional Greek one – made with the same pastry as the Greek “bougatsa” with yoghurt in the dough! Boasting exceptional service and a homey atmosphere, this quaint bakery receives rave reviews from its customers, with many vowing that this is one of the best bakeries on the island. And who are we to argue?


Where? 29 Neofyto Nikolaidi & Pindou shop 10, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 99 083747


Cover photo: Galette Artisan Bakery