A few years back, street art in Cyprus was considered little more than vandalism, frowned upon by most and totally disregarded by many. And while the majority still hesitate to accept the practice, there is no denying that street art is a far bigger deal on the island in recent years, with festivals encouraging talented young artists to jazz up public spaces and buildings in need of a colourful revamp, while many derelict and abandoned spaces, parking lots, and empty walls around the country have come to life with all sorts of brilliant designs.

If you love street art, then Street Art Cy is a great site to visit, a portal that seeks to reinforce the now dynamic and growing street art movement in Cyprus, acting as a great source for the latest street art news with lots of great images.

As countless talents around the country busy themselves with stencils, murals, paste ups, stickers and more, here are some works have to check out, both by local and foreign artists who have jetted in to work their magic.

1. Napa Radio was given a makeover with this fisherman mural created by one of the island’s best known Limassol based graffiti artists, Paparazzi, as part of the last Ayia Napa Street Art Festival.


Paparazzi fisherman NAPA RADIO
An entrance to a parking lot doesn’t get much cooler than this, with a great black and white mural created by Astraki, a graphic designer and street artist from Nicosia.


Astraki-Old Nicosia

. Local talent Edmon1419 joined forces with international artist, KIWIE in Limassol to create this really eye catching piece.



. The Larnaca based street artist, Twenty Three, often likes to make a statement while critiquing various socio-political aspects of local life. This paste up depicts a foreign worker hanging the washing out to dry with a t-shirt that reads: ‘Foreigners Get Out.’ The work stands as a critique against racism in Cyprus. The Larnaca School (Dianelio Technical School), it was gracing has just recently been demolished, but we felt it was worth including on the list.



. Another one by the well-known Paparazzi on a Limassol building; this was created after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake as part of Limassol’s Street Life Festival. Sending out a message of support with a mural of a Nepalese woman with baby on her shoulders, it is aptly named: “You are not alone!”


Paparazzi nepal

. A few talents joined forces for this impressive graffiti in the Makarios Avenue parking lot in Paphos – namely Billygee, Lune82, Tayser, Pest and Paparazzi- as part of the Paphos Street Art Square Festival to add colour to the streets of the seaside town.



Photo credit: Thanos Nathanail

7. Work created as part of the 2013 LarnaCan Graffiti Jam at a central parking spot in town under the theme of alternative transport. The piece was a joint effort by foreign artists, Lune82, Inva, Ezra and Tiger.


LARNACA work created as part of LarnaCan graffiti jam

A poignant message with this multi-coloured piece in an Old Nicosia backstreet with the Greek quote reading: “I love you all.” The piece was created by Nicosia based RockTheDog and Astraki.


Rock the Dog and Astraki
9. Ayia Napa building given a face lift by Greek street artists Simoni Fontana  and Argiris Ser as part of last year’s Ayia Napa Street Art Festival.


Simone- credit Ayia Napa Street Art Festival

Photo credit: Ayia Napa Street Art Festival

10. The French street artist, Zabou, who visited Cyprus for the last Limassol Street Life Festival, did a brilliant job, adding great colour to the street with this work named ‘Protect’ that makes a call for the protection of plants and animals on the island.



Creative students of the Makarios III Lyceum in Larnaca recently gave these staircases leading up the side entrance of the Patticheon Theatre in Larnaca a total revamp.




Special thanks to Street Art Cy