Nothing beats lazing by the beach with a cool drink in hand as the waves hit the shore. But when you’re doing so on one of the most remote and peaceful spots on the island dotted with silent villages cocooned by still timeless landscapes where goats roam free, all culminating in isolated beaches – from sweeping bays to hidden pebbly coves – that draw lonesome travellers and curious souls, the experience becomes almost heavenly.




And at the end of all this? Grape by the Sea! Commanding a magnificent spot on the north west of the island, you have to drive past the seaside village of Pomos to get here, all the way along the winding coastline and through roads less travelled that etch across the undulating countryside that lead you all the way down the blissfully peaceful village of Pyrgos Tyllirias (Kato Pyrgos).


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With brilliantly dramatic scenery dazzling the senses, and the landscape alternating between arid patches of dry land scorched by the summer sun and brilliant greenery on breathtaking higher peaks, you’ll be weaving your way through mountains that drop down to the deep blue of the Med, past the Kokkina enclave, onto the Mansoura stretch, and eventually, into Kato Pyrgos’ small village centre; home to a few churches and chapels, a couple of coffee shops, restaurants and a small traditional community that busies itself with the work of the day.




Grape by the Sea is a new place that opened up at the start of the summer adding a modern flair to the village, and has already worked up quite a fan base. And it’s hardly a surprise. The location of the bar and restaurant is incredibly dreamy, with tables and chairs hidden under a shaded area on a slightly elevated space right by the sea.


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Sit on a stool by the bar to indulge in a cool cocktail (their mojitos are a big hit) and enjoy the panoramic views across the deep blue, or kick back on a chair and have a bite to eat with club sandwiches, pork chops, salads and more on the menu. But what we love the most about this place, are the sun bed gazebos next to the sea offering perfect shade from the glare of the summer sun.


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Stay on for sunset and you’ll witness one of the prettiest sights you could possibly wish to see on this part of the island as the sky lights up with pink and crimson hues and the burning orange sun dips behind the glistening Mediterranean sea. Oh, Cyprus summers, we do love you!






Where? 26 Nikola Pilidi St, Kato Pyrgos. Tel: (+357) 96-292959