A good Indian curry is hard to come by in Nicosia, but there’s one place that not only offers diners a delicious culinary journey, but also, a completely immersive experience where happiness and connection come first! Drawing on the Sanskrit phrase Vasidhaiva Kutumbakam ‘The World is One Family’, Soul Curry dishes up daily delights to unite patrons from all walks of life at the Home for Cooperation’s  Home Café in a peaceful city location right by the buffer zone.

Established by two Indian mothers, Raj and Shakti, they aimed to transform traditional Indian meals into a means for social and cultural interaction, while providing a taste of truly authentic and healthy food. For the passionate duo, each homemade Indian meal is food for the mind, the body and soul combined.



The Home for Cooperation itself is a unique space and platform promoting peace and creativity between diverse communities on the island. As part of Soul Curry’s collaboration with the Home for Cooperation, an Indian Gastronomy Festival is also regularly organised on location, aiming to bring people from different communities together to exchange views and enjoy a wonderful meal.



Visitors can indulge in food rich in flavors and aromas; warm soul food that makes people feel right home in a place where everyone can be themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. A place that promotes the exchange of ideas, while offering unique memories, focusing on a common and bright future.


Visit the Soul Curry Facebook page to find out more about the fantastic food on offer and reserve a table today.