How would you describe your ideal day off? How about one that gives you the chance to truly escape from the daily rut, filling your lungs with fresh mountain air, as you embark on a new adventure? Follow our lead, as we fill you in on hikes to be enjoyed, organised by “Cyprus from air”.


With a love for the environment

The group was originally founded 9 years ago by nature enthusiasts dedicated to organising public walks – the first took place in January 2016 and they have since embarked on over 40 walks around the island, with more than 3,500 people taking part. Beyond the usual day hikes, the group also organizes exceptional night hikes, tree planting events, clean ups and more. “We are very environmentally conscious, and the primary focus of our group is to help the environment and raise awareness about the need to protect our environment,” says Manos, one of the leaders of the group.




Organised hiking events

My Cyprus Insider has been informed that the next hiking event in October (date to be confirmed) will most likely be taking place at the Aphrodite Trail in Akamas; a phenomenal night hike that will give you the chance to experience the magical sunset and the beauty of the area under the stars.



This will be followed by a hike at the Kannoures Trail (near Ayios Nikolaos Stegis), a walk around the old asbestos mines near the village of Amiantos through the ‘Baths of the Eagles’ trail, and a mystery walk that will end at a secret location with cascading waterfalls!

The embarks on at least one public walk each month, with all info posted on their FB page. Each walk now averages around 300 people and the organizers place the safety of the group as the top priority.



Safety first 

All team members designated to accompany the hikers always walk the hiking trail before the event takes place, to familiarize themselves with the surrounding area in its current state. Each walk has at least two leaders, and two sweep hikers; team members who walk behind the group and make sure no one is left behind. After that, depending on the number of participants, the team calls on additional core members. Manos says that the goal is for each core member to be responsible for no more than ten people.

The group also brings along a defibrillator, a portable stretcher and medically trained personnel that can deal with any accidents. Some core members are practicing doctors and nurses, who can also help if something goes wrong. “On top of that we always carry a first aid kit with us. We are ready for anything,” said Manos.

Just put on your hiking shoes, get that water bottle out, and you’re good to go!