Rural life in Cyprus is always incredibly interesting, with each area and district firmly holding onto age-old traditions. And once July kicks in, things get more exciting with countless village folk proudly showcasing their produce, local crafts, dances and other traditions as they host their own festivals. Here are three food festivals that the My Cyprus Insider team are sure that you’ll enjoy in the coming weeks!


1. 7th Pancyprian Potato Festival, Avgorou

Yes, that’s right, even the potato is honoured with its very own festival here in Cyprus! Hosted in the village of Avgorou – famed for its glorious red earth potatoes – head down to a festival where you can nibble on all sorts of tasty treats made with potatoes, with plenty of song and dance in the mix while you give your taste buds a blast. You’ll also get to familiarise yourselves with alternative cooking methods and innovative products with the famous potato used as the main ingredient…even soaps and face masks! The festival actually begins with a warm-up event on July 12th featuring a potato cooking competition between three local housewives and three head chefs.



When and where? Warm up event: July 12th. Event proper: July 27th. Avgorou Primary School. Famagusta district. Entrance: €5 with free potatoes.


2. 2nd Halloumi and Trahana Festival, Meniko 

Head to Meniko village to delight your taste buds in the cheesiest treats as Halloumi and Trahana (a dried fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt) festival brings the area to life. You’ll get to see how traditional trahana and halloumi is made, and they’ll be souvla to indulge in too. All this with traditional music and dance to enjoy, as well as other milk derived produce to devour.



When and where? July 13th. Meniko village, Nicosia district. Entrance with food and drink €10 for adults and €5 for children up to the age of 12. 


3. Hazel Tree Festival

Head to the pretty village of Platanistasa and you’ll get to try the year’s freshly cut hazelnuts with a good swig of village Zivania. Make sure you take a walk through the areas hazel tree forest while you’re there, and pop into the village’s important Byzantine church and other monuments. Want to take some goodies back home with you?  Kiosks will be set up in the area where you’ll be able to buy food, drinks, traditional sweets and other products. Traditional dancing will also be livening up the atmosphere on the day!



When? August 3rd and 4th. Platanistasa village, Pitsilia. Tel: +357 99218713