Eager to laze on a wide-open stretch? Love the idea of hitting the beach and dipping right into the island’s spectacular cerulean seas, but not too keen on being surrounded by everyone else who had the same idea? Let My Cyprus Insider show you the way!


1. Avdimou Bay

Take a drive outside Limassol towards Paphos, and just west of Epispoki, the sleepy village of Avdimou calls out to the curious traveller. The village itself isn’t one to write home about, but the surrounding seaside is as brilliant as can be. Calling out to all those yearning to just escape from it all, Avdimou’s wild and breezy stretch is bound to fill your heart with glee. And it’s an adventure to get here too; you’ll have to weave your way through farmland and fields studded with olive groves and sweet-smelling citrus plantations first. It is signposted from the main road though, so worry not, you will find it!



The beach itself is a mix of sand and pebble and the waters are clear, clean and quite shallow, so it’s family-friendly (except on really windy days!) while the long sandy stretch makes the perfect spot for long and languid walks. Turtles nest here too, so any visitors are advised to keep a safe distance from nests and young hatchlings. One small part of Avdimou Bay does have some sunbeds and umbrellas, backed by the brilliant Melanda Beach Restaurant where you can tuck into delicious fresh catch of the day.


2. Paramali Beach

Just a stone’s through from Avdimou Bay, Paramali beach (pictured in cover photo) is popular with kitesurfers, but it’s such a great and massively long stretch that you can easily lay down your towel and still feel as though you have the beach to yourself. After all, the golden sand here covers a distance of about 2 kilometres.



Do be a little weary of the wind, however. Check the forecast before you head here as you may be swept away on a windy day! Just like Avdimou Bay, this is also a turtle hatching area and the little ones love the peace and quiet, so be sure not to disturb any nests. As there is no restaurant or café by the beach, be sure to pack your cool box with goodies to nibble on and plenty of refreshments to quench your thirst.


3. Curium Beach, Limassol district

Almost everyone has heard of the stunning ancient Greco-Roman Curium Amphitheatre, perched high on a cliff and boasting most magnificent views imaginable across the patchwork land and sparkling seas beyond. But not everyone knows that curium beach is the perfect place for a dip. The long stretch is a great mix of sand and pebbles, the waters are crystal clear, and the kids will absolutely love splashing around when it gets a little wavy come afternoon. And once you’ve enjoyed beachy fun, head up to Chris Blue Beach, for some fresh fish or a light salad.