Hi Insiders!

This week I’ve been feeling rather refreshed, probably thanks to a brilliant road trip last weekend that saw a friend and I work our way practically half way around the island, with a good old fashioned map in hand.

Let me explain. Last week, when writing an article about organised CTO spring country walks, I was suddenly struck by the fact that although I’ve lived in Cyprus all my life, and like to believe that I’ve pretty much seen all of our small island, I actually haven’t. Because when it came to researching these country walks, it dawned on me that I’ve never been to the much talked about Tzelefos Venetian Bridge deep in the Paphos Forest. And with a real bee in my bonnet about never leaving any stone unturned, that was that: I had to visit the place immediately.

The greatest thing about trying to get to the bridge is that our drive there wasn’t planned in any strict fashion. And we took roads less travelled to get there. Upon leaving Nicosia, we hit the country roads, got to the lovely Kalopanayiotis, checked out the area’s sulphur springs, made our way towards Pedoullas, got a little lost, spoke to some lovely village folk, gulped down a stiff coffee, and just enjoyed the rest of the ride. Dense pines, panoramic views, gorgeous blossoms…you name it, we saw it.




Soon enough, we were driving through the quaint Kaminaria, with the whole area leaving us awe struck. Eventually, we got to Tzelefos Bridge, realising that we were travelling through roads we’ve never been on before. And the place certainly lives up to its reputation: blissfully peaceful surrounds, a gorgeously elegant bridge, the gurgle of water beneath it, and the spectacular Arminou dam a stone’s throw away. The only thing I didn’t expect was an ice cream van on site. But hey, you often have to expect the unexpected here in Cyprus. The journey back home saw us working our way down through Limassol winegrowing villages, before finally heading back to Nicosia. What a day!


road trp 4 (3)


Speaking of great days out, with Easter fast approaching, and all of us probably feeling the need to get away, I’ve spent some time this week searching for some gorgeous quaint countryside retreats. If, like me, you really fancy some time away from it all, then read about some great places here.

Take care and have a lovely and inspiring weekend!