Ever wished that there were more public spaces for you and your beloved pooch to enjoy some fun times? Good news traveled fast this week when it was announced that a brand new 8,000 square metre park, complete with play areas and dog training equipment, has just been established for our four-legged friends in the Zakaki area of Limassol. Unfortunately, due to current lockdown restrictions, the park cannot yet welcome the public with furry friends in tow, but as soon as circumstances change and restrictions lift, the park gates will be wide open for some barking fun.



Upon the recent completion of the park, the Limassol Municipality has stated that the care and protection of animals is a sign of human progress, and authorities have collaborated with various animal rights NGOs in order to make the park a reality. As such, the park provides a safe space for pooches to enjoy a daily walk, run or game, with dedicated zones for different purposes. With three sections in total, the park features an open space with dog toys (leash must be worn), another open space for dogs (leash must be worn) and thirdly, a dedicated space where dogs can roam free without a leash.



Dog owners visiting the park must be over the age of 15 and are fully responsible for their dog’s behaviour. Authorities stipulate that aggressive dogs are not to be taken to the park, neither must any dog be left out of sight or unattended. All dog owners must carry their dog’s medical booklet with them. Access is prohibited to puppies under four months of age and dogs in mating season. Pit Bull or American Pit Bull, Japanese Tosca, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brazileiro will not be allowed into the park.



Where? Agoras Avenue, Zakaki. Open every day except Thursday, once restrictions lift. Winter opening times: November – April, 9am – 5pm. Summer opening times: May – October, 9am – 7pm.