Narrow streets befriend old fashioned coffee shops, traditional churches give way to old stone houses, and village inhabitants enjoy a pace of life that once characterised the days of old. But Droushia is far more than just a pretty village; what makes it really unique is its fantastic location, set on the high ground of the Laona plateau, bordering the gorgeous Akamas peninsula and standing 600 metres above sea level.

With the name of the village derived from the word ‘Drosia’ meaning ‘cool’, stand back and enjoy the breeze which often comes in from the peninsula. But with great things to get up to, you won’t be wanting to stand still for too long! Read on as My Cyprus Insider gives you a glimpse into a few of the best things the area has to offer. 



1. Pop into the quirky ‘Ditzimin’ Museum

With Droushia characterised by winding lanes and old stone houses bearing the hands of time, head to the church of Saint Epiphanious and you’ll come across the adjacent museum known as ‘Ditzimin’. As quirky on the outside as it is on the inside, you’ll be greeted by a bold wooden sign declaring that this is: “A Working Museum of Drousia Life & Culture.”



A fantastic little place shedding light on rural life, you’ll be able to set your sights on a whole host of exhibits, from old tools to traditional furniture and bread-making utensils. Take note of the large wooden loom exhibiting traditional cloths, produced from cotton and silk, as well as the different costumes on display and handmade baskets.

Where? Drousia Village. Opening hours: 9am-6pm. Tel: (+357) 99-458316


2. Visit the Monastery of Saint George Nikoxilitis

Situated 3 kilometres northeast of the village, this was once one of the richest monasteries on the island, owning a great amount of property! Initially built between the 9th and 10th century A.D., it once formed a hub of activity, but was burned and looted in 1821.



Slowly but surely, villagers in the Droushia area spent time and money rebuilding the monastery in attempt of bring it back to its former glory, while planting beautiful Cypress trees around it. Unfortunately, in 1953, the church suffered some damage following a major earthquake but it’s still a gorgeous place to visit.


Where? 3km outside Droushia village.


3. Head out on a breathtaking nature walk

The nature around Droushia is absolutely stunning to say the least, with the village bordering the Akamas Nature Reserve. Because of its high altitude, it’s the breath-taking views that make this place truly unique. Look out in one direction and you can see Chrysohous Bay, cradling the deep blue seas, with the seaside town of Latchi and Polis clearly visible.



Then there are gorgeous views of Akamas to take in, and on a clear day, the Troodos mountains are visible in the other direction. Take a walk or drive just outside the village into the rolling hills and you’ll come across stunning rock formations, which adventurous types will love to climb. Have your cameras at the ready-  the sight is one you’ll want to capture and remember forever!




4. Enjoy a meal & get some rest for the night at Droushia Heights!

If you’re in the area, why not put your feet up for the night at Droushia Heights Hotel? A modern haven in this quaint village, the cozy design hotel has been totally renovated, boasting a minimalist and simple interior, commanding spectacular views of  the sea, the mountains and the neighbouring Akamas.



Whether you choose to stay in the gorgeous Honeymoon Suite or Presidential suite with views out to sea and the surrounding area, or the classic rooms, your stay is bound to be a relaxing one! Step outside, and take in the view while soaking up the sun’s rays next to the uniquely shaped raised, 35 meters long oblong infinity pool! Come evening, you can kick back and enjoy a meal at the hotel’s restaurant and tuck into Cypriot and Mediterranean delights made with fresh seasonal produce.



Where? Droushia Heights Hotel, Droushia Village, Paphos. Tel: (+357) 26-332200