Sophisticated brunch with free wine tasting? How about visiting a village establishment serving their own deli meats in every dish? Indulge your taste buds now and thank the My Cyprus Insider team later!


1. For the true foodie: Filimon Gefsis, Politiko village

This unassuming place (pictured in the cover photo) may be nothing to look at on the outside, and it’s tucked away in a relatively unknown village outside Nicosia; Politiko to be exact. And if you didn’t know any better, you’d be left wondering what all the fuss is about – try to just turn up to find a table on any given weekend and you’ll probably be unlucky. So what’s the deal?



There’s a few good reasons why Filimon Gefsis:is popular: the environment is refreshingly casual, no-nonsense, warm and friendly. And it’s run by local folks who are known for making high-quality Filimon Gefsis Cypriot deli meats and who use their own meaty treats in their dishes. Whether you want to indulge as tradition intended with bio eggs, traditional Cypriot sausages, lounza, homemade marmalade, olives and anari topped with carob syrup, or would rather opt for brunch time fancies with a modern twist – think smashed avocado and poached egg – there will be something to satiate your palatee. The omelettes on the menu are rather popular too. filled with deli meats and veggies!


2. For the traditionalist: To Gouriotiko, Gourri village

There’s something special about Gourri village in the foothills of the Machairas mountain forest, evoking a real feeling of yesteryear with its mud-brick houses topped my terracotta tiled roofs. It’s also incredibly peaceful, totally quaint and hasn’t been touched by modernity in the slightest. Enter Tavernaki to Gouriotiko: a traditional tavern in the centre of the village that perfectly reflects this cute and charming appeal.



Don’t expect any sort of modern or fancy twist for your breakfast here. Instead, you’ll be feasting on the classic Cypriot breakfast come weekend which includes fried eggs, sausages, halloumi, toast and honey. For those looking to satiate their sweet tooth, savoury crepes are also on offer.


3. For the wine lover: Ktima Christoudia, Kato Drys village

The pretty Larnaca district village of Kato Drys has the answer to Cypriot brunch with a slightly alternative flair. Every Saturday and Sunday, the area’s well-known winery, Ktima Christoudia, dishes up brunch alongside a winery tour and a full tasting of nine wines for free!



From full-bodied red to romantic rosé, you’ll be enjoying some prime sips while delighting the palate with traditional tastes and local ingredients that perfectly complement the wines on offer. We love the pancakes served with seasonal fruit, local honey and raisins in Commandaria sauce. Bon appétit!