With Cyprus counting 11 000 years of fascinating history and civilization, we often forget just how many wonderful traditions and customs have been passed on from generation to generation on this little island, throughout the centuries. Head to one of the island’s traditional villages, and this Intangible Cultural Heritage becomes more evident than ever, with old folk still busying themselves with pottery creations, lacemaking, basket weaving and more. But what do the younger generation know about these traditions? And how can we all learn more about our island’s arts and crafts?



Thanks to an initiative by the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism, visitors and locals alike now have the chance to enjoy a real hands-on cultural and crafty experience, with free handicraft and enogastronomy workshops taking place around the island, from Fikardou to Fyti, Lofou to Lageia. The themed workshops include painting, embroidery, icon painting, mosaic making, ceramics and pottery making, basket weaving, silversmithing and wood carving. Enogastronomy workshops include winemaking, Commandaria making, palouze making, traditional charcuterie and more.



The workshops will be taking place until the end of December 2021, and you can view a detailed list of what is happening and where, coupled with all necessary details here. Do book a place in advance to enjoy your own feel for Cyprus traditions from days gone by.