What would Christmas be like without a little added sweetness? If you have a soft spot for chocolate, you can now take the whole family down to the first-ever Nicosia Chocolate Park; dedicated to all things fun, festive and incredibly delicious!



Having just opened its doors within the State Fair Grounds, kids will love the whole theme park which has been meticulously created and built not just for chocolatey entertainment, but also, educational purposes. The whole family can enjoy interactive workshops, with fabulous sweet creations taking centre stage. And the various areas within the park each have their own story to tell, educating young ones on the splendours of cocoa, the impact that chocolate has had around the world, how chocolate is made, how it should be consumed and much more!



Chocolate fountains and fairy tale tale ‘towns’ will add to the fun, while giant chocolate creations and biscuit sculptures provide the perfect backdrop for a festive family photo.

Where and when? Nicosia State Fair. Open until February. Find out more about the exact opening times here