A mere 1.5km from the magical Kolossi Castle outside the town of Limassol, a very unusual museum beckons the curious visitor, going by the name of ‘Medflora Museum’. Devoted to the mystic beauty of medicinal flora on the island, visitors can get better acquainted with all sorts of plants that can aid mental health, beauty and overall well-being; from depression to anxiety, insomnia to weight problems. All cultivated on site, there are two main areas to explore, and plenty of surprises along the way!



The ‘Orpheus Exhibition Hall’ displays dried and resin-cast plant specimens, photos, and all sorts of interesting information about medicinal plants. In ‘Persephone’s Fields’ you can enjoy a 15-minute meditative walk through the paths of a gorgeous garden where you can take in the scents and colours of medicinal herbs, walk past a glistening swimming pool, and enjoy the sound of birdsong.




Be sure to also visit the Medea Souvenir Shop, named in honour of a famous herbalist who was the first to discover the elixir of youth and beauty. Sit back for a tea break in the King Zeus Patio and then take a peak at all the goodies on offer at the Eco Bio Market, held on the grounds every third Sunday of the month, with a whole host of biological products and artefacts on offer.



Where? Trachoni village, Limassol district. Open every Monday, Friday and weekends. Closed Easter Sunday  and Easter Monday. Summer opening times (May 1st – October 30th) 10am – 7pm. Adult tickets: 5. Senior: 3. Student & youth: 3. Infants up to four years: free. Tel: 70 005531.