Christmas holidays are different for all of us this year, but there’s plenty of magic to be enjoyed outdoors (even in the city) as you revive the senses while boosting those endorphins with a good bit of exercise. Just follow the My Cyprus Insider lead!


1. Pedieos walkway, Nicosia

Running along the Pedieos river, this lovely walking trail and cycling path begins from a bridge south of the Presidential Palace and stretches 15 kilometres all the way to Lakatamia. Cutting through lush greenery and fringed with eucalyptus trees, you would hardly know that you’re walking right in the city centre.



You’ll also be passing through some of Nicosia’s more traditional neighbourhoods, including Ay Omoloyites, so you can always veer off the path to take a look at some of the old houses and mansions.


2. Amathunda walking path, Limassol

A lovely 5km seafront walkway along the Limassol coastline, you can take in the deep blue of the Med on the one side, and the ancient ruins of Amathus on the other, taking you right past the revered archaeological site.



Stop off and look at the remains of one of the most significant ancient city kingdoms of Cyprus which dates back to 1100 B.C.  Look out for the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite and tombs dating back to the early Iron Age.


3. Piale Pasha, Larnaca

Connecting the palm tree lined Finikoudes promenade to the Mackenzie strip, this 2km walkway is the perfect spot for a stroll, run and cycle. Enjoy uninterrupted sea views and good dose of history starting from the old fort at the end of the Finikoudes promenade, before you pass by the old Turkish Cypriot neighbourhoods and artistic workshops.



You’ll then come across the area’s quaint fishing harbour where plenty of taverns serve the fresh catch of the day, as you then pass by quieter beaches before reaching the Mackenzie strip.