Dear Insiders

Hope you’ve had an inspiring and exciting week! If you’ve spent a great amount of time in the office however, perhaps rushing to meetings and typing away at the computer, then you may be feeling like you’re in dire need of something a little different and a slight change of atmosphere this weekend! All foodies out there will be interested to know that there are some great places that have opened up in Larnaca dishing up great breakfast with a real Cypriot flair to kickstart your weekend and I’ve been busy trying them all. Curious? Read all about the three we love the most here. 


If you fancy venturing into territories that you perhaps haven’t explored before, we suggest a trip deep into the Paphos countryside to pay a visit to the lovely village of Ineia, where you’ll have the chance to visit a quirky little place that sheds light on the island’s past. Find out more here.



If it’s mountain fun that you’re after however, nothing beats a trip up to Troodos, stopping off in the village of Platres. In fact, there’s so much to get up to in the area that you can spend the whole day exploring the luscious green, with our handy guide in tow!

Hope you have a great weekend, however you choose to spend it!

Bye for now, Zoe