It’s fun, it’s a little different to the norm, and it’s the latest craze that has taken Cyprus by storm! None other than ‘Bubble Football’, Cypriots certainly seem to be embracing new forms of entertainment of late. And as the latest trends from around the world slowly but surely arrive on our island, so too has the latest world craze!

My Cyprus Insider gives you all the lowdown on the latest activity that has got people talking around the country.

What exactly is bubble football?

As the name suggests, you simply have to slip into a giant inflated bubble and play football. There are no guarantees that you won’t be falling all over the place as you bounce about like a crazy person, but that’s all part of the fun. And when you do fall, the bubble will protect you with a real bounce factor!

Suffice to say, you’ll be guaranteed lots of laughter, and the more people there are on the team the merrier! So when did it first become a ‘trend’? Many sources indicate that bubble football first began as a bit of a joke by Norwegian comedians/television hosts, Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011. Only around in Cyprus for a short while, it seems to be the latest ‘must try’ activity.


bubble football limassol (2)


Did you know?

Bubble football is not all silly fun and games! You might think it looks like a bit of a breeze, but you’ll actually be getting a great workout and burn heaps of calories simultaneously, because the bubbles themselves can be deceptively heavy when you have to shuffle across the field.

A great team sport, kids love it for parties, those who are young and young at heart have a blast in fun days out with friends and family, while companies are now turning to the sport for team building events and stamina training as a referee keeps you on track.

bubble footbal 2


What’s rather special about bubble football adventures in Cyprus is that you can even enjoy the sport right next to the sea as you dash around on the sand and then jump into the waters for a refreshing swim to cool off after all the action!

Where can you enjoy bubble football?

1. Bubble Football Cyprus

bubble football larnaca
Based at Kamares Futsal in Larnaca, the company also provides mobile bubble football across the country catering for events, parties and teambuilding, you can find more details by clicking on their facebook page.
Tel: (+ 357) 99-604119.

2. Cy Bubble-Football, Larnaca



Mobile bubble football for events, parties, and teambuilding, you can find more details on their facebook page or by visiting 

3. Bubble Football, Limassol

Bubble football limassol
Situated by St Raphael Marina for fun right by the water’s edge, you can find more details by clicking on their facebook page.
Tel: (+357) 96-241414.