Wild and beautiful, always green and lush, the Akamas Peninsula on the far western tip of the island is undeniably a nature lover’s paradise, home to a whopping 530 indigenous plants, 35 of which are rare and endemic. Needless to say, many carefree travelers and intrepid explorers have spent days out discovering the area’s beauty, with its deep valleys, caves and gorges befriending the dazzling blue of the western coastline. But there’s a little corner of the park, right by the well-known Aphrodite’s Baths, that visitors often overlook: the lovely Akamas Botanical Gardens.



Shedding great light on all the beautiful flora of the area, the Akamas Botanical Gardens is actually a prime spot to start of your journey of exploration; essentially a miniature version of Akamas, organised along spacious paths and pools coexisting with natural habitats and ecosystems. So even if you don’t have the time to take in all the different flowers and herbs around Akamas, this park provides a great glimpse into its splendour on a much smaller scale, with approximately 200 plant species to familiarise yourselves with.



Want to discover more of the area as you breathe in the fresh sea air? Head out for walk along the Baths of Aphrodite trail and you’ll pass by the Pyrgos tis Rigainas (Queen’s Tower) believed to have once belonged to a Medieval Monastery. As you walk the trail, prepare for breathtaking views of Cape Arnaoutis, Polis Chrysochous and Pafos (Paphos) Forest.