Commanding a prime position on the island’s dramatic western coastline – close to the historic Paphos harbour and castle area –  the Almyra is renowned for its chilled-chic design, accentuated by a touch of playfulness. A haven of all things cool and contemporary, its elegant and stylish (yet undeniably simple) approach to Mediterranean luxury has earned the five-star hotel a place on the list of world Design Hotels.



A breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a holiday ‘less ordinary’, lovers of art and all things creative now have all the more reason to visit this sleek seaside hotel as it now hosts the vibrant and undeniably inspiring works of Elena Tsigaridou.

The exhibition, aptly entitled ‘Dive’, digs deep into the sense of female identity, and, as the artist explains, the whole process began with an inner need for play and fun. But it soon became apparent that these powerful ‘dives’ became far more substantial and symbolic; a revolutionary act against the constraints of our times. Her biographical works document the ‘dives’ that one takes throughout the course of one’s life, voicing the desire for two-way communication and the expression of emotion, memories, feelings and experiences.



The artist herself – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (Academia di Belle Arti)  and an Art and Design teacher at the American Academy Private School in Larnaca – is humble and low key, letting on that she has been unleashing her creativity through art professionally for over 15 years. Her modest and quiet demeanor in public stands in stark contrast to the bold, larger than life works that attract the gaze of curious visitors in the grounds of the Almyra; surrounded by lush nature in the hotel’s perfectly landscaped grounds and endless seas beyond, and yet, taking on a life of their own. Glistening cerulean waters form the perfect backdrop to artworks that feature her beloved muse; the model with which she has enjoyed endless discussions and many common quests.



It’s clear that Tsigaridou aims to stimulate the senses, and perhaps express aspects of her own character – or any woman’s character for that matter – that don’t often receive the attention that they deserve. The figures in her works are painted in acrylics, ink, lead pencil and watercolor, first painted on paper, and then transferred via a special method onto polystyrene. Around the figures, a vibrant natural world flourishes; a 3D botanical collage with different natural elements that coexist in a surreal landscape. After all, the artist usually loves to be by the sea when creating her works and always finds a way to combine her love for nature with the human experience

Tsigaridou’s works have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Cyprus, Europe, the USA and Dubai, while many of them now belong to private and public collections in Cyprus, the USA, Belgium, Italy and Greece, as well as, the Frissiras Museum in Athens, among others.

It is worth noting that her son, Constantinos Constantinou, who follows in his mother’s talented footsteps, also presents his own creative piece at the exhibition, depicting the deep sea and nature.


The exhibition will remain open to the public until August 9, 2021. Those interested in more information can contact 26 888700. For more information about the Almyra, visit: