If you’re looking for an authentic and alternative Cyprus experience, then the ‘Larnaca Art Workshops Neighbourhood’ should be right up your street! The neighbourhood around the beautiful Saint Lazarus – comprised of two streets that run parallel to the Piale Pasha coastal street –  is well known for its creative spirit, and is home to the workshops of nine visual artists, including sculptors, ceramists and painters.



The creative revamp of the area is part of the Larnaka Tourism Board’s and Larnaca Municipality’s wider plan to create tourism clusters in specific areas, with the support of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. As such, the finishing touches have just been added to the neighborhood, with new informative signs displaying a map of the area having been recently installed, allowing visitors to take an inspiring self-guided walk to visit the workshops and watch the artisans at work.



Many traditional workshops, as well as the artists themselves, have been inspired by ancient Cypriot art, so the whole experience will give you a great taste of tradition, while the rustic flowerpots, creative ceramic street signs and outdoor artworks add to the charm of the area. If you enjoy your visit to the area, it’s worth keeping in mind that the next stage of improvements will see the creation of the ‘Mediterranean’ Artist’s Park and the paving of the adjacent streets.


Want to know more? Further information and the specific names and address of workshops can be found here. Visitors can get a preview of the tour before they take it via the 360° ‘Larnaka Cultural Walk’ here

All photos pictured in this article, courtesy of Larnaka Tourism Board.