Most people have visited the picture-perfect Lefkara village at some point or another, but few visitors are aware of just how beautiful the nearby dam is, especially when it fills with water in the rainy winter season. And unbeknown to many, the dam is actually one of the largest on the island, often mistaken for a lake due to its irregular shape.


Photo credit: Leontios Koustrouppos


With a capacity of about 14 million c.m of water, the dam is located 4km to the north of Lefkara village, on the beautiful road towards Kornos. Simply follow the walking and cycling trail that begins in the village and leads all the way up to the breathtaking site. Ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts, there’s plenty of downhill fun and uphill challenges to enjoy, while avid walkers will no doubt lose themselves in the remarkably serene and almost otherworldly surrounds.