Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, an enchanting museum opened its doors. Rather different to any other place in the capital, or the whole of Cyprus for that matter, the quirky yet fascinating place is one where stories and legends come to life, dedicated to one thing and one thing only: the glorious magic of fairy tales.

Tucked away near Pafos Gate in Nicosia, and housed within a beautiful old building, the place has opened up within the framework of activities carried out by the Systemic Institute of Cyprus and encourages the young and young at heart to dive right into the world of dreams and wild imagination through play, shedding light on fairy tales from Cyprus and all far flung corners of the world.



Hardly surprisingly, the imagination is teased every step of the way, whether you find yourselves downstairs by the Aesop’s Fables, or in the magical forest land with all sorts of tales coming to life with hidden elements strategically placed in branches.

It goes without saying that books are a big deal here, with the inspiring library paying respect to the greatest fairy-tales of our time, as illustrations carry young and old away into an enchanted land, into bygone times and a world far far away!


credit: Eleni Andronikou

The museum also plans to organise various storytelling events, themed exhibitions, performances based on fairy tales and educational programmes geared towards children and the whole family.


Where? 32 Granikou St, Old Nicosia. Entrance: €5 and €3 for school groups. Tel: (+357) 22-376522