With Cyprus home to so very many museums that often go unnoticed and hardly ever spoken of, here at My Cyprus Insider, we are dedicated to giving you great insight into all the little places that you may never have even thought of going to, right off the beaten track.

And that’s where the Cyprus Railways Museum steps into the limelight, housed in an old railway station near Evrychou village in the Troodos Mountains. You may not have ever heard of it before, but we certainly think you’ll be glad you made the effort to visit when you get the chance!


Railway Station


The Cyprus Government Railway (CGR), was in operation from 1905 to 1951 and extended from Famagusta in the east, to Morfou in the west, passing through Nicosia. The Railways Museum stands as the main building of the southern terminal of the third section of the CGR. The railway was closed down due to financial constraints, with road transport having developed at the expense of the railway.


Green tunnel


What’s on show?
The only museum of its kind on the island, you’ll be able to take a good look at original documents, drawings, photos and various objects related to the old railway, as well as scale models of the main stations and rolling stock. What’s great is that everything on show is accompanied by plenty of information in both Greek and English, really giving visitors insight into the ins and outs of how the railway functioned in times past.


Man behind desk


Do be sure to also have a good look outside and behind the museum, where the platform and part of the rail track have been reconstructed with the use of the original rails. A hand pump track used for the inspection of the line and a freight wagon are also exhibited under a shed in the yard.




Did you know that?
The inauguration ceremony of the Cyprus railway back in 1905 took place at the Famagusta station, with the arrival of the then High Commissioner, Sir Charles Anthony King Harman, on the first train from Nicosia, with hundreds of crowds gathering to witness this very first journey.




In the days before airmail, the railway was an important conveyor of mail to and from the Khedivial Line ships, which called at Famagusta harbour and carried mail overseas. The railway was also used for the distribution of mail around the island, where stations such as Angastina, Trachoni, Kalochorio and others, also served as postal offices or agencies.

Apart from the government railway, other smaller railways were also in operation, mostly for the transfer of minerals and other heavy goods.




Where to find the museum?
The Cyprus Railways Museum is well signposted when you reach Evrychou Village- just follow the brown signposts from the main village road. Summer hours (16/4 – 15/9) Monday – Sunday 9.30am-5pm. Winter hours (16/9 – 15/4) Monday – Sunday 8.30am – 4pm.