It may be one of Larnaca’s most famous attractions, but the gorgeous Kamares Aqueduct – taking its name from its characteristic arches (‘kamares’) – is not always given the attention that it deserves.



Located just outside Larnaca city centre off the old road towards Limassol, it’s worth heading here for a long invigorating walk, with a path running right beside the aqueduct linking up with the Larnaca Salt Lake. The aqueduct looks particularly striking at night when its 20 arches are brilliantly illuminated.



The significant historic monument dates back to 1750, built in Roman style by the ruling Ottomans, led by the then Turkish governor of Larnaca, Bekir Pasha. Kamares Aqueduct was once used to transport water a distance of 10 kilometres, from springs at the Trimithius River and was in use until the 1930’s.

Just outside Larnaca, off the old road towards Limassol.