Foodies around the island rejoiced when Tsimpimatouthkia first opened its doors in 2016 in the picturesque mountain village of Kalopanayiotis, and now, they are feeling the excitement all over again, with the Cypriot deli having just reopened for the summer by the sea!



Now located in Protaras, and luring in hungry crowds enjoying their summer dip in the glistening seas of the east coast, the place draws on the traditional flavours of the island and gives them a fantastic twist. “Don’t call this a restaurant,” reads the blackboard that greets guests outside the establishment; ‘tsimpimatouthkia’ is a Cypriot expression for ‘little bites’ and this place satiates the taste buds with ‘little dishes’ in an alternative way. Take note that meals are served on paper plates and wooden cutlery.



If you’re heading here with a group of friends and fancy sharing some nibbles to start with, go for their bread, melon, cucumber and feta combo, or try their quail egg, halloumi and salsa verde. For mains, meat lovers are mad about their pork shank, cooked with coriander and carob syrup, while we also love their stuffed cabbage leaves with egg lemon sauce. On Sundays, you can tuck into divine breakfast – we recommend their pancakes with fruit and syrup.

The establishment has also introduced some dreamy summer drinks and cocktails for the season to quench your thirst. Insider note – zivania and fresh fruit are the stars of the show. We love the fresh watermelon juice, zivania, and pomegranate cordial. What are you waiting for? Just kick back, relax, enjoy the sea breeze….and give those taste buds a treat to remember!



Where? Protaras to Cape Greco Road, Famagusta district. Opening hours for July: 7pm – 11pm daily. Saturdays 7pm until late. Sundays: 10am – 4pm. From the start of August, the establishment will be open all day, every day. Tel: (+357) 99-297544