Are you one of those people with a super packed work schedule and an endless to-do list, but somehow, find it a bit hard to motivate yourself to just get going first thing in the morning? Then it may be high time to shake up your daily routine! And there’s nothing quite like exercising bright and early, to get your heart pumping while kick starting your metabolism. What’s more, your mind is super clear early in the day, you’ll be more focused than ever, and you’ll feel more energised and alert for the rest of the day.

The great thing about living in Cyprus is not just the great weather all year round, but that the magnificent great outdoors is right on our doorsteps, even for those who live in a main town, making it relatively easy to head straight to your favourite beachside spot, park, or walking path. And because no morning wake-up would be the same without a great caffeine fix, be sure to grab a tasty Starbucks Discoveries Chilled Cup as you add a little excitement to your morning.


Read on as My Cyprus Insider outlines some great ideas to get your heart pumping and your energy levels soaring each and every day!

1. Enjoy your sun salutations al fresco
Yogis will be all too aware that there is nothing quite like kick-starting the day with the kind of work out that’s beneficial to mind, body and spirit. But you don’t need to make a beeline for the gym or a yoga studio in order to reap the benefits of this fabulous exercise.

Once you’re familiar with the basics, just grab your mat, put some comfy clothes on, and take it outside to savour the early morning stillness. The choice of what spot to pick is yours, but nothing beats rolling your mat down on the sand, and listening to the waves hit the shore as you begin to take in deep breaths of sea air before moving on to the more demanding salutations!


Young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunrise


2. Take a fun whizz through the park
Love going for bike rides? Not only is cycling a great cardiovascular exercise, but it’s also a fabulous way to check out new spots; be it a different area in your neighbourhood, or a park that you’ve never been to before.

City dwellers in the capital take note: nothing beats the magnificent expanse of Athalassa Park, while Limassolians may like to venture just outside of the hub of town to make the most of the fresh air on two wheels at the Polemidia National Forest Park. Live in the Larnaca district? Then the Rizoelia National Forest Park in Aradippou should do the trick. And if you’re starting your day in Ayia Napa, you’ve got the grandest of them all, with the rugged Cape Greco National Forest Park and its well-marked trails the perfect place to enjoy a breath-taking cycle with views across the endless blue of the Med.

Info on the island’s parks can be found here.


cyclist riding mountain bike on rocky trail at sunrise


3. Put your best foot forward by the water’s edge
With the glorious coastline calling out to greet you in the seaside towns, there is nothing quite like a fabulous seafront run to get those endorphin levels soaring, while early runs or jogs are also said to make you far more alert, which leads to higher productivity and focus.

Limassolians can enjoy the fabulous buzz of the Molos seafront strip, those in Larnaca can get their heart racing down the palm tree lined Finikoudes and then onto the Piale Pasha walkway, while those in Paphos are lucky enough to have the Medieval Castle to ogle at before embarking on a brisk morning walk or jog down by the sea.


Runner athlete running at seaside. woman fitness silhouette sunrise jogging workout wellness concept.


4. Make a defiant early morning splash
The beaches of Cyprus rarely disappoint, but any avid swimmer will tell you that there is nothing like getting to the beach in the early morning for an invigorating swim in the cool waters. If you live by the sea, then you’re totally spoilt for choice, from the brilliant turquoise waters on the east of the island, to the gorgeous deep blue that characterises the shores of the west. And if you live in the capital? Worry not. You can still make your way to the closest pool, whether you opt for an indoor sports centre or fancy perfecting that front crawl with a plunge in a gorgeous hotel pool.


Swim goggles on the sand with feet of a woman standing by. Focus on goggles.
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