Even if you don’t want to head to a picnic site, you can still enjoy some Green Monday fun.  A day that traditionally marks the start of the Lenten fasting period, Cypriots usually head out into the great outdoors to indulge in a healthy feast with friends and family. We’ve highlighted a few ways that you can still make the most of the occasion, even if you choose not to head to a picnic site. Read on!


1. Indulge in a healthy lunchtime picnic with friends in your garden

Up to four guests are allowed per household at the moment, so you can put on a spread in your back yard or on your balcony. Skip the meat, dairy and eggs, and be sure to head to your local greengrocers and stock up on all sorts of veggies and dips, and then visit your favourite bakery to get hold of tahini pie (‘tahinopita) and the traditional lagana; a type of flatbread especially prepared for this day.



2. Enjoy some exercise on your favourite nature trail

Nature trails have re-opened for physical exercise, so that means that you put your walking shoes on and head out for a stroll. The start of Lent is meant to be a cleansing and cathartic time, and there’s nothing more ideal than breathing in the fresh air out in nature. Remember that picnics are not allowed on any trail, and that they can only be used for walking. Here are some great trails to enjoy in different scenic spots around the island.



3. Fly a kite on a beach walk

A stroll by the beach is permitted, so you may want to enjoy a traditional activity, and take a colourful kite along with you as you head out to your closest favorite beach (within the permitted three hour period). A particularly symbolic activity, flying a kite high into the skies symbolizes the start of fresh beginnings during the spring and the start of new experiences. And with the salty sea air known for rejuvenating the senses, it’s the perfect outing for the Green Monday holiday.



4. Head down to your local garden centre to buy plants for spring

Green Monday is all about connecting with nature, and with garden centres around the island open on this day, you can get hold of some of your favourite flowers and plants that bloom during the spring. Now is the perfect time to plant a whole variety of beautiful flowers and trees in your garden or in pots on your balcony. Just ask your garden centre for advice and enjoy the green-fingered experience!