Step one: Enter the mystery room. Step two: Work your way through clues and puzzles. Step three: Make sure it’s all done in an hour tops, to ensure your eventual escape. Sounds relatively easy right? Well, that depends on how much of a challenge you’re prepared for! And if the popularity of ‘Escape the Room’ is anything to go by, it seems as though a bit of a brain tease with a whole load of intrigue in the mix is exactly what gets people ticking these days.

So very popular has ‘Escape the Room’ been since its establishment earlier in the year, that fun-loving crowds have now been given the chance to enjoy a whole new room, with a brand new theme set to get you really excited. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, My Cyprus Insider recently went along to test out the new ‘Save the Pope’ room that has been exclusively thought up by the young owners.


Detective Warm Cap Retro Magnifying Glass and Real Handcuffs Isolated on White Background


Once there, the briefing is simple: The Pope is visiting Cyprus for two days but an assassin is out to get him. The detective has been kidnapped, so it’s up to us to continue the investigation and uncover the culprit, the weapon, the location and the getaway vehicle. Oh, we also have to warn the police before it’s too late!

“We always loved detective stories; I mean who doesn’t love them? Sherlock Holmes is our favourite character of all times,” let on the Escape the Room team. So it comes as no surprise that this new room is about as mysterious as it gets. We’ve got 60 minutes to solve the mystery, we’re handed walkie talkies, wished the best of luck, and told we can ask for some handy clues if we get stuck. Sounds straight forward – or is it?


Investigations Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.


We don’t want to give too much away, but we can safely say that what ensued was a manic fun filled experience as our team (of four) rushed around the room to try and beat the clock. Luckily, our group was quite in sync, and we managed to get through the first few clues and puzzles rather fast. Draws were flung open, codes were cracked, mystery compartments came apart, and torches were used to shed light in the most unexpected places. That’s not to forget videos filled with intrigue, mind boggling clues that led us to periodic tables, and spy cams that teased the imagination.

But things reached an all-time high – and indeed became a little trickier – after we got to what we found to be the biggest mystery of all (not wanting to give away what this is!). And yes…we stumbled, we sweated, and we practically pulled our hair out as we saw that we only had 10 minutes left to escape.


escape 2


Adrenaline levels reached an all-time high, and we were adamant about that final escape, oh so close we came, and yet, alas, there were two steps left that we just didn’t manage to solve. In our humble defence, we like to put it down to the fact that we had just finished a long tiring day at work, and do like to believe that if our minds were fully alert, we would have made it out of the room!

The Escape the Room team tell us that the room is classed as “moderate- definitely not easy but not super hard either.” Well….we may not have managed to save the Pope, but we certainly had a night we won’t easily forget!

Did you know?
The idea of a real life escape room originated from a number of video games in the late 1990’s where a player would find themselves locked in a given room and eventually make their way out by using clues, puzzles and different objects along the way. The idea has since evolved, and over the past few years, places have opened up around the world that give people the chance to experience the game in real life. Suffice to say that teamwork and good communication are of upmost importance!

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