Once just a quiet seaside town that moved at a relatively slow pace, Larnaca is now fast evolving. And as a part of various innovative virtual projects underway in the pretty coastal town, historic landmarks around the district are now being embedded with modern technology, providing visitors with information in a more engaging and immersive way.



The pioneering Larnaca Storytelling Statues initiative incorporates QR codes on various statues, monuments and busts across the region. Visitors simply scan the code from a mobile device with internet connection, to receive a call-back from the monument recounting their unique story.



Statues that have tales to tell include Leo the Wise at St. Lazarus church; the Armenian Genocide Memorial; the bust of poet Tefkros Anthias and the Fanfare of Peace statue in the Municipal Gardens, as well as Makarios and Sister Sophie Chambon.



Further afield in Pervolia village, a statue of Kallipateira has been included in the Larnaca Storytelling Statues initiative. You can also get up close and personal with talking statues at various museums, such as the Cruciform Figurine at the Pierides Museum and a bust of Hippocrates at Kyriazis Medical Museum.


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