Rock climbing –  the extreme sport of scaling rock formations and cliffs using only one’s hands and feet – is taking over Cyprus, as the health and the fitness conscious crowd relishes the challenge of taking up such a demanding hobby. Although only recently shifting closer to the mainstream, rock climbing groups have been active in Cyprus since the ‘60s, courtesy of British rock climbers who were keen on practising their hobby while posted on the island.

The My Cyprus Insider team put on its climbing shoes, strapped on its climbing harness, and is ready to provide the lowdown on magical rock climbing locations around the island.


1. Cape Greco National Park, Ayia Napa 


The stunning Cape Greco National Park in Ayia Napa is an ideal place for the recently initiated in rock climbing or casual climbers. The area is home to a total of six routes that are ideal for trad (traditional climbing), including four crags. If you’re new to the sport and would love to look out at the endless blue of the Med as you climb, Cape Greco is a dream come true.



2. Droushia/Ineia, Paphos district


Close to the wild and wonderful Akamas peninsula, the villages of Drousia and Ineia in the Paphos district may be remote, but they are home to some of the best climbing routes on the island, ideal both for beginners and experienced climbers. The Drousia area boasts seven major climbing routes, including the famous routes of Kokkinovrachos and Misos Tholos. That’s not to forget the Alikou climb; offering panoramic views of Lara beach and bound to take your breath away.



3. Dhiarizos


The rock formation near Dhiarizos river is probably the best-known spot all over Cyprus. And it’s hardly surprising, with Kourtelorotsos – a great hard limestone crag rising above the picture perfect countryside – offering a number of sensational climbing routes. The crags are ideal for sports climbing, and the rocks are divided into two sections, offering great fun for rock climbing enthusiasts.


Photo 2, 3 and cover photo: One Step Further 

Where to hire a trainer/guide?


If you are really serious about getting into rock climbing, hiring a trainer or a guide to show you the ropes (literally) is essential. There are a number of training facilities and guided climbs available in Cyprus, including One Step Further and LCC Limassol Climbing.  Find out more about rock climbing in Cyprus here.