If you love syrup then the so-called ‘spoon sweets’ (glyka tou koutaliou) will be right up your street with all sorts of fruit – and even nuts and vegetables – preserved in thick sugar syrup. And now, our taste buds are in for a real treat as the rustic Troodos village of Kakopetria is about to give us a taste of authentic Cyprus with the first ever Spoon Sweet festival on Sunday September 24th.



Kicking off at 11am, you can wander through the old streets of the village, where a whopping 49 different types of spoon sweets will be available for you to try for free!



With the old part of Kakopetria without a doubt the most picturesque and photogenic part of the village, traditional old stone and wood houses reach out to touch each other across narrow cobbled paths, while weather-worn old ladies sit on their wooden porches selling jars of spoon sweets and sunny windowsills flaunt vases of colourful local mountain flowers.



Once you’ve enjoyed your village stroll, you can then sit back for some live music and traditional Cypriot dancing, while you also get to have a good look at an exhibition with traditional produce. What’s more, there will also be plenty of free wine on offer. Cheers!

When? September 24th, Kakopetria village. Free entrance. 11am-11pm.


More about Cyprus spoon sweets…

Walnuts are a firm favourite (picked before the shells have hardened and then flavoured with cloves and cinnamon) as is the peel from bitter Seville oranges, grapefruit and bergamot, which are cut into segments and rolled into small portions. In the summer months, you’ve got to try cherries, apricots, quince. Love to tuck into watermelon? Nothing beats the syrupy indulgence of a thick crunchy watermelon rind (the hard green outer skin is removed). Everything is prepared in bite-size pieces and usually dished up on a small plate together with a glass of water to wash it all down.