If there’s one dam that will be forever etched in your memory in Cyprus, it has to be the one of Arminou. And it’s not because the dam (fed by the Diarizos River) is any more spectacular or awe inspiring than many others dotted around the country, but, that the journey to get there, and the scenery which surrounds it, is absolutely out of this world.



Right next to the gorgeous Tzelefos medieval bridge and a few kilometres northeast of the village of Arminou, take some time to sit back to take in the splendour while you listen to the Diarizos river gurgle beneath the bridge as it makes its way to the dam.

And if you want to take in magnificent views of the whole area, then just head out on a path that takes you through a dense pine forest as panoramic views abound, with the path then leading on to the idyllic Pera Vasa picnic area. Then, walk on to Saouris farm belonging to Kykkos monastery, past the Cave of Saouris, and beyond!



Where? Northeast of Arminou village, Paphos district.