If you’ve been to Lefkara village, a mere mention of the area will make your mind drift to cobblestoned alleys, cute coffee shops, intricate lace and brilliant glistening silverware. But take a step away from the village centre and drive out into the countryside to witness nature in its most beautiful glory, with stunning views across an undulating landscape to make your jaw drop and eyes pop.



Home to more than 7000 olive trees, Oliva Terra Ktima Sofocleous farm is every nature lover’s dream come true, created in 2001 by the Sophocleous family with love and respect to nature, and passion for biological cultivation and olive products. Step into the farm and you’ll witness the sight of countless olive trees, with hundreds of eternal olive trees on-site aged between 300 and 1000 years old. One tree is actually over 1000 years old and boasts a special certificate and government protection.



What’s more, you can take a look at the impressive production grounds where the extra virgin organic olive oil is made with advanced technology in stainless steel facilities and the most advanced olive mills. And of course, you can even purchase a fine bottle or two to take home with you!



Where?  Isaac and Solomou Road, Pano Lefkara, Larnaca district. Tel: +357 99 409223