The Cyprus Astronomy Association is gearing up for one of the most magical events of the year this weekend, luring all nature lovers to the Troodos Botanical Garden for a night of ‘Music n Stars’ on Saturday August 10th. In celebration of the spectacular Perseids Meteor Shower, it’s famed as one of the brightest meteor showers of the year that occurs annually between July 14th and August 24th, usually peaking between August 9th and 13th.


While you don’t need any special equipment to view the show, a secluded spot away from city lights is essential. As such, the Troodos Botanical Garden – which claims pride of place high on the Troodos peaks – is a truly fabulous spot, with rugged peaks far as the eye can see!



Head here early before the sun goes down to become acquainted with some of the many species of herbs and plants endemic to the island. Set up by the Department of Forests, the garden aims to protect, conserve and promote Cypriot botanical heritage through exposure and education. The site has a sweet little visitor centre and plenty of written information is conveniently placed around the site.


The ‘Music n Stars’ event will kick off at 9pm with uplifting music by DJ Takis Christodoulides as the meteor shower lights up the night sky. And take note – the phenomenon is set to be really exciting this year as the Cyprus Astronomy Organization has chosen Saturday as the best day of observation, with a greater density of meteors against the moon in its smaller phase.


This year the Perseids will be in a period close to the Full Moon and the dark sky of the area helps to see the phenomenon better. The Cyprus Astronomy Organization has chosen Saturday as the best day of observation where the density of meteors and the Moon will be in a smaller phase.


Where? Troodos Botanical Garden, Troodos National Forest Park. August 10. 9pm.