A brilliant way to satisfy the refined taste buds of your foodie friends, nothing shouts out Christmas more than a gorgeous hamper loaded with the finest edible treats! As the big day fast approaches, My Cyprus Insider guides you towards some of the very best spots to get hold of some glorious delights to make your loved ones smile from ear to ear this festive season.


1. Kantina Quality Foods

One of the coolest kids on the deli block, this place has gained momentous popularity amongst foodies in the capital ever since it opened its doors a few years ago, with its shelves lined with the most delectable artisan cheeses, cured meats, pastes, oils, glazes, sweet treats and the list goes on!



This Xmas, the establishment has gone all out, with a gift catalogue dedicated to the festive season. With a range of prices, you can either go for a small or larger luxury gift bag or a sleek box. Their catalogue- which can be sent to you with a quick phone call- lists all options available – just take your pick from bags or boxes filled with scrumptious offerings including premium quality biscotti, marmalades, pate, honey, chocolate and more. Want to treat someone with some fine wine? Check out the range of gorgeous wine boxes available. The management also emphasises that you can create your own box or gift bag that’s perfectly tailored to the individual taste of the recipient and your own budget.

Where? 48 Sophouli St, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22-680040


2. Get Fresh

Get Fresh – massively popular for its sandwiches, salads, freshly squeezed juices and soups – has also worked up quite a reputation for its excellent Xmas hampers, and this year, the management has made it simpler than ever to get hold of your desired size that fits in with your budget.  Pre-packed hampers in wicker baskets range from €20 to €45; just take your pick from ‘The Classic’, ‘The Luxury’ or ‘The Supreme’.



But if you really want to go all out for a loved one this Christmas, go for the classic picnic basket with thick leather straps that you can fill with a whole range of goodies. You can also make your own selection with the smaller wicker baskets, with countless treats on the list including quality granola, mince pies, teas, wines and spirits, sweet treats made by Get Fresh and much more! You can choose the products you would like in your hamper and place your order here, but if you’re in the area, just pop into the shop and browse to your heart’s content.

Where? 4DE Andreas Dimitriou, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22-437374


3. Barrique Wine & Deli

A popular place for wine and bites in the capital, Barrique Wine & Deli is a sleekly designed hot-spot housing a world of wines and now gives you the chance to create your own special Xmas box, with countless treats to choose from. With a great selection of wines from France, Greece, U.S.A, Chile and beyond, you can top up the gift selection with panettones, pasta, glazes and dressings, sauces, crackers, chocolates, and the list goes on!



Pre-packed gift sets start off from €16 for a gift bag, with hamper gift boxes including wines, pasta, sweet treats and more. Browse through the Barrique Christmas gift catalogue here. 

Where? 4 Menandrou St, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22254443


4. Bakali

How about adding a real local twist to your Xmas gift? Then just head to Bakali; specialists in all sorts of Cypriot delicacies. With baskets, boxes and bags to fill, nothing is pre-packed. Just head to the shop and make your own hamper, according to your budget and needs, whether you wish to spend €10 or €100. With the shelves of the shop packed with tempting produce, just take your pick from handmade soaps, olive oil, herbs, essential oils, honey, nuts and much more!




Take note that although most of the products sold in the shop are Cypriot, some of their herbs are sourced from Greece, while spices are imported from Morocco.

Where? 14A Mpoumpoulinas street, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22-665503