With Larnaca’s Finikoudes Palm tree promenade luring visitors from near and far, the My Cyprus Insider team fills you in on the story behind the area’s landmark sculptures!


1. The Venetian winged Lion

Anyone who has strolled down Larnaca’s main seaside strip will have no doubt come face to face with this majestic winged Lion, not far from the medieval castle. A gift to Larnaca from Venice as a token of Larnaca’s twinning with Venice, this specific type of Lion is also known as the lion of St Mark and is the symbol of the Italian city.




2. Seagulls in Flight

At the start of the Finikoudes promenade standing proud on Europe square, this sculpture which graces the square’s fountain is aptly entitled ‘Seagulls in Flight’, created by Greek sculptor, Theodoros Papayiannis. A real centrepiece of the square, it was erected in 1996, depicting a flock of seagulls, aimed at beautifying and upgrading the area.



3. Memorial for the Armenian Genocide 

At the Larnaca Marina end of Finikoudes beachfront, this sculpture marks the spot where Armenian refugees first landed in Cyprus, fleeing persecution during the 1915 Armenian massacres. Made of brass and granite, it was created by artist Giorgos Kalakallas representing the: “gratitude of the Armenian nation towards the people of Cyprus for their assistance and generosity to those refugees and stands in memory of the countless victims of the Armenian genocide.”