With very strict measures regarding our daily movement now in place in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we are inevitably all feeling the isolation and drastic change in our lives.  Each and every one of us simply has to do our bit to adhere to measures at all times in order to ensure we all stay safe, but that’s not to say that we can’t have a little fun at home to ease the stress of these challenging times!

In this light, Zambartas Wineries have just announced free online wine-tasting sessions to keep your mind stimulated and taste buds satiated while isolated at home. Set to take place every weekend, and hosted by winemaker and winery owner, Marcos Zambartas himself, you will have the chance to get better acquainted with some of the island’s finest wines in real time via Zoom. The first in the series will take place over the weekend of March 28th and 29th.



At the start of each wine tasting session, Marcos will explain how you evaluate wine using four of your senses – sight, smell, taste and touch. Wine tasting of three specific wines will then follow: Zambartas Xynisteri (2019) Zambartas Rose (2019) and Zambartas Maratheftiko. The respective wines are available via the Home & Office service of Vassos Eliades Ltd, and can be delivered to homes in all main cities within 72 hours.

This week’s tastings will take place on Saturday (28th) and Sunday (29th) March at 12 noon – 1pm and 5.30pm – 6.30pm. To partake in the online event, contact Marcos via Facebook at Marcos Zambartas or email marcos@zambartaswineries.com. Your registration will be confirmed once a photo with the three wines listed in the article has been sent to the winery. Enjoy!