After local delicacies at their very best? Want to get better acquainted with village traditions? There’s nowhere better to head to than the quaint rural hubs of the island, with vibrant festivals coming to life throughout September. Here are some great events outlined by My Cyprus Insider that are worth a visit.


1. Orange Festival, Miliou

Are you a fan of all thing tantalizingly tangy? Then head down to the bucolic Paphos village of Miliou where you’ll get the chance to indulge in about every orange product imaginable, from liqueur and beer (yes, that’s right!), to marmalade and juice.



With plenty of music and dancing in the mix, you can spend a few hours in the village before making the most of the gorgeous countryside that leads all the way down to the Polis seaside strip.

Where and when? Miliou village central square, Paphos district. September 14th. Tel: + 357 99 450394 



2. Honey Festival, Kalopanayiotis Village

We’ve always loved travelling through the green and fertile Marathassa valley in the foothills of the Troodos mountains to visit one of Cyprus’ most beautiful villages. But this weekend, things are about to get even more exciting in Kalopanayiotis, as the gorgeous community will soon be hosting its annual honey festival.



Now’s your chance to find out more about Cyprus honey and all of its benefits, in an area which has long been known for its sweet produce. Enjoy professional lectures for beekeepers and informative lectures for the general public touching on the subject of honey and good health, longevity and more. You can also indulge your sweet tooth with a taste of locally produced aromatic honey and a whole range of goodies made from honey.

Where and when? Kalopanayiotis village, Marathassa Valley. September 21st – 22nd. Tel: 22 952297



3. Grape Festivals, Troodos winegrowing villages

When you’ve got a little free time on your hands, there really is nothing better than a scenic drive through the wine-growing villages of the Troodos Mountains, where sun-kissed hills blanketed in rambling vines tell tales of a country with a rich winemaking history that dates back centuries. And the landscape isn’t just about natural splendours, punctuated with gorgeous stone-built villages that defy the hands of time, each with their own unique character, history, and culture.



Throughout September and October, various wine villages become a focal point with a number of vibrant and rather buzzing events dedicated to wine and its products. You can soon witness Arsos and Koilani become the focus of attention with festivals that will tantalize your taste buds, with all sorts of grape delicacies on offer, including Palouzes (grape jelly) and Shoushouko (nuts on a string dipped in palouze and left to set). There will also be competitions, wine tasting, and all sorts of entertainment shows to ejoy (including folk music, theatre productions, and revival of old traditional customs).

Where and whenArsos: September 29th & in Koilani: October 6th.  Tel:  +357 25-421020 


4. Spoon Sweets Festival, Kakopetria

If you love syrup and sweet treats, then the so-called ‘spoon sweets’ (glyka tou koutaliou) should be right up your street; a variety of fruit – and even nuts and vegetables – preserved in thick sugar syrup. And now, our taste buds are in for a real treat as the rustic Troodos village of Kakopetria is about to give us a taste of authentic Cyprus with the upcoming Spoon Sweets festival.



You can wander through the old streets of the village, where dozens of different types of spoon sweets will be available for you to try for free! With the old part of Kakopetria without a doubt the most picturesque and photogenic part of the village, traditional old stone and wood houses reach out to touch each other across narrow cobbled paths, while weather-worn old ladies sit on their wooden porches selling jars of spoon sweets and sunny windowsills flaunt vases of colourful local mountain flowers. Once you’ve enjoyed your village stroll, you can sit back for some live music and traditional Cypriot dancing!

Where and when? Kakopetria village, Troodos. September 29th. Tel: +357 22 922323