Here in Cyprus, most of us are self-professed coffee addicts, and so the news that the first-ever coffee festival is about to take place was truly music to our ears. Set to come to life at the Limassol Marina between October 15th to October 17th, the entire area will transform into a hub of all things coffee-related to delight and tantalize enthusiasts of all ages. October 15th will be reserved for industry professionals, but in the days that follow, all will be welcome on the festival grounds.



Visitors can indulge in free coffee, and discover different origins, roasting styles and varieties all in one space. The Limassol Coffee Festival will also be serving tasty street food indulgences and hosting DJs who’ll be planying uplfting tunes as you sip on your favourite cup of joe. Bringing together people from around the island to indulge in their love for coffee, vistors will even have the chance to buy specialised coffee equipment to take back home.

What’s more, industry leaders and world champions will be visiting Cyprus to conduct courses and tailor-made workshops – a unique opportunity for professional baristas to be inspired and upgrade their skills.


Where and when? Limassol Marina, Limassol. October 15th (for industry professionals). October 16th– October 17th open to all.