Flaounes and Easter in Cyprus go hand in hand, and they are quite possibly one of the absolute highlights of the year for cheese lovers! While each establishment – or family – adds their own little twist to the age-old recipe, the basics involve a rather dreamy cheese filling which includes called traditional ‘tiri flaouna’ (flaouna cheese), crushed mint, eggs, and often, a good handful of raisins and a dash of mastiha (mastic) and/or mahlepi (an aromatic spice). The pies almost always have a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds over the top. Want to get yours delivered to your doorstep this Easter? Follow our lead!


1. Twice as Nice, Aglandjia

You would hardly know that this place exists if you were just driving past it on the busy Aglandjia Avenue in Nicosia. But step into this little shop with its unassuming exterior and you’ll come across a whole range of absolutely delicious delights that make the place famous; from its gorgeous samosas, to spinach pies, traditional olive pies, and the list goes on. Come Easter, city dwellers make a beeline to the place for some great flaounes, made the good old fashioned way without a single preservative in sight. Absolutely divine and filled with mostly kaskavali and ‘flaouna cheese’, anyone watching their figure is also in luck, as Twice as Nice also make flaounes with the less fatty anari and mizithra cheese.



For orders call: 22-334006.


2. Hurricane, Old Nicosia

This tiny and indisputably cute little tea room tucked away in Old Nicosia has been the talk of the town since 1942, and it’s hardly surprising, serving absolutely delicious pastries day in and day out. The Hurricane cheese pies are to die for, and their flaounes are just as good! Made to traditional perfection, you can enjoy them with raisins or without, and with or without sugar in the pastry.



For orders call: 22-663284


3. Wood ‘n’ Fire Art Bakery, Strovolos

A truly fine bakery in the city, Wood N’ Fire has amassed a dedicated following, with fans of artisan bread, croissants and the works gravitating towards the establishment on an almost daily basis to get hold of the most scrumptious treats made with prime ingredients. Now delivering flaounes especially for Easter, cooked in their special wood oven, you can enjoy them with halloumi and cheese, with and without raisins. You can also ask for a sugar free variety, the less fattening anari variety, and a gluten free variety.  Have a look at their entire range on their website. 


For orders call: 22-263110


4. Kalopesas, Chrysovalantou Bakery, Archangelos

Easter wouldn’t be complete without the creations of well known pastry chef, Michalis Kalopesas. With his treats available at Chrysovalantou Bakery , they’ve made it easier than ever to get hold of your favourite flaounes this year, delivering straight to your door. Made with village Paphos cheese, mature halloumi and kefalotiri, just let them know if you would like the sweet or savoury variety, with or without raisins.

For orders call: 22-819555