It’s one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, and we’ll take just about any opportunity to tuck into a bowl of delicious spaghetti Puttanesca or rich risotto Milanese. And now, with the holiday season almost upon us, we have all the more reason to delight our taste buds in truly indulgent yet healthy Italian style, in celebration of the 5th Edition of the Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World.



Here in Cyprus, the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia has called upon restaurants and organizations who are particularly committed to Italian fine dining – boasting high-quality standards while rigorous about selecting prime ingredients – to organise gastronomic events surrounding the Italian culinary tradition between December 14th to December 20th.

Due to the current circumstances and recently imposed government restrictions due to Covid 19, simply order delivery or take away from your restaurant of choice, and indulge from your own home. The perfect opportunity to savour refined Italian tastes (in the comfort of your own dining room) from restaurants across the island as the countdown to the holiday period begins, check out the ones that most appeal to you here:



The My Cyprus Insider team highlights some of the reasons that we can’t wait to celebrate in true Italian style!


1. Paying homage to a long history

Italy enjoys a centuries-long history of gastronomic tradition, and Italian recipes are famous across all far-flung corners of the world. Many classic dishes enjoyed today even have roots dating as far back as the 4th century BC, with Italian cuisine really starting to come into its own after the fall of the Roman Empire. In fact, some of the most creative Ancient Roman dishes were not all that different to what we see on Italian dining tables today. And who can resist such a historic gastronomic affair?


2. Promoting biodiversity & sustainable development

We love the fact that the Italian agricultural model plays a key role in the promotion of biodiversity and sustainable development. This comes from an awareness that biodiversity is critical for safeguarding global food security, underpinning healthy and nutritious diets, improving rural livelihoods, and enhancing the resilience of people and communities. Keen on enhancing food sustainability, Italy is committed to educational programmes for the adoption of sustainable diets and the reduction of food waste.



3. Indulging in wine pairing!

Who doesn’t crave a fine glass of wine with a delicious meal? The offer and the variety of Italian wines is among the most diverse in Europe, with over 400 quality wines produced in specified regions: 76 DOCG wines (DOCG-Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) and 330 DOC wines (Denomination of Controlled Origin wines). Whether you love a rich red, or prefer a smooth white, there is no doubt a perfectly suited fine Italian wine to go down a treat with your meal.



4. Safeguarding high-quality, varied cuisine

One of the main aims of the Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World is to bring forth high-quality cuisine, safeguard and promote Italian products and encourage people the world over to discover and rejoice in the rich and varied cuisine of the 20 Italian regions, each producing their own culinary delights. In fact, Italian cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, and you’ll be able to celebrate with an abundance of tastes brought to life on the dinner table from a wide range of classic and modern recipes.


5. Prioritizing health and the fine Mediterranean diet

Italian and Cypriot cuisines share a deep-rooted culinary tradition based on simple and genuine ingredients. So, when you treat yourselves to a fine Italian meal, you know that you are also contributing to an overall healthy lifestyle. Both Cyprus and Italy are active partners in the United Nations ‘Group of Friends of the Healthy and Sustainable Diets’, and while recipes differ from country to country, basic elements – such the use of olive oil and starchy foods – are central to countries sharing the Mediterranean diet tradition. Here’s to a healthy and delicious indulgence!