Most Cypriots don’t need much of an excuse to consume copious amounts of meat, but come Tsiknopempti (February 28th 2019), gluttonous indulgence will really take on a whole new meaning!

Kick starting the start of carnival celebrations which then lead up to Lent, tradition has it that pretty much everyone lights up a barbecue on the day that can best be translated in English as “Smoke Thursday” or “Smoked Thursday”, otherwise known as ‘Fat Thursday’.

The great news is that this year, the island will be coming to life with some really fun street parties and events featuring barbecues and street food to make you drool. Just take your pick from the one that you think will most tantalise your taste buds from the list below…enjoy!


1. Lost + Found Drinkery, Nicosia

It’s one of the most famous cocktail bars on the island, and Lost + Found Drinkery sure knows how to throw a good party! Gearing up for a truly smoky Thursday in a sizzling event, meat lovers in the capital can pop into the bar for some free after-work souvla (large chunks of meat cooked to perfection over charcoal). Wash it all down with a fine cocktail – or two! – and enjoy the cool vibes of a place awarded as one of the ‘World’s 50 Best Bars’!



2. Lazaris Bakery, Larnaca

If you’re in Larnaca, now’s your chance to celebrate the start of carnival celebrations at one of the most scenic spots in the centre of town, right by St Lazarus church. You wouldn’t really expect this bakery/bar to be partaking in Tsiknopempi celebrations, but the establishment couldn’t resist calling on a live band to play traditional ‘rembetika’ tunes while meat sizzles on the charcoal for visitors to enjoy all day.



3. Saripolou Square, Limassol

Hands down the best town to celebrate carnival on the island, Limassolians sure know how to throw an extravagant party. Tsiknopempti is no exception, with party tunes blaring out across the city and smokey BBQs on just about every street corner. And this year, Klick FM have teamed up with Choice FM and a variety of restaurants, to give crowds good reason to dress up, dance and indulge in meaty deliciousness at the central Saripolou Square. Check out all details here.



4. Smokey Dee’s, Nicosia

If there was ever place to indulge your passion for barbecued food and slow cooked meals, it would simply have to be at Smokey Dee’s. Having risen to fame at various events around the island with its legendary pulled pork sandwiches, the smokey shop in the Nicosia district of Kaimakli now curbs hunger pangs, day in and day out. And with Tsiknopempti just around the corner, the team are preparing pulled pork, brisket, piglet, Porchetta, spare ribs and chicken to satiate the taste buds of even the most demanding meat eater!



5. Dionysus Mansion, Limassol

For a classier affair than most, ‘fun and gourmet’ will fuse in fabulous unison at Dionysos Mansion, a place that has worked up a great reputation for its fine food, in the fabulous setting of an old stone house. Placing great emphasis on innovative gastronomy without being poncy, this Thursday you can enjoy live music, while indulging in a special menu for the occasion with salad, dips, starters (including halloumi with grilled asparagus and wine sausage), a selection of mushrooms, and of course, a massive meat platter!